UIS Vapes in Mount Pleasant PA

On my travels I found a new shop in the remote town of Mount Pleasant, Pa.
I stopped in and looked around for a bit, and as is customary for me, I waited till I seen the demeanor and asked some questions before I let on that I would be doing a review.  None the less, here is that review.

It was a hot day and I was low on juice when I saw the sign for UIS vapes. A little store in Mount Pleasant. I figured it was just a small shop, maybe some juices, some stick batteries, ect. Mount Pleasant is not exactly the largest place. It is one of those small towns that is quiet and lovable. needless to say I was pleased to walk my happy butt into an air conditioned stocked shop. Now, the shop is new, so you have to give them a bit of time. Quite a few future plans are in the works however, such as a vape and chill room. There are also other UIS shops they own in some other cities nearby.

The initial impression was nice. The area was set up nicely, very clean and tidy, and had that charm that many Mount Pleasant buildings do. That older architecture that warms the heart. Kinda steam punk in the way that half was brick and half was finished, some exposed piping, ect ect.

  Then.. there was Ken. Ken, the beard, sporting a kilt and a friendly smile that greeted me in such a way to make me feel as though I had been there before. Politely he told me about his range of juices, house blends, premium blends.

 There were a few I did not like of course.. But they are the types I never find myself fond of, such as peanut butter.

Excluding those very few, the others were fantastic. One of them that I found myself in love with was their Orange Cream which I will be writing a full review of its own on soon. The juices themselves are rather well priced.

House Blends: 30ml for $12
Tales from the Drypt: 30ml for $15
Sick Gains Premium: 30ml for $15

The selection apart form the juice was also rather good. I was quite surprised to see a range of mods and attys. They even have their own custom UIS dripper that comes with two epic bases. but remember, This is a new shop, not everything is in. When I went to do the review they were only open for a week and a half! If your in the area, check out their shop.
Stay tuned for an update in about a month!
You can also find their website here!

Coil Master DIY Kit and Mat first look

I got the Coil Master at ECC 2015.
I just did a couple build on the coil master DIY Kit and mat it is almost perfect. The Coil Master v3 makes great coils. It has most of the tools I needed. I had to use a different screw set to get one of my attys screws it. The Cyclone 2014 is old school but a great atty, I use as my daily driver. It worked just perfect for my Radius. Going to see if I can make a space for the lower gauge screw driver.  Right now I can say I highly recommend. You can get the coil master here. 

New Throne picture at ECC 2015

I need to do laundry more. Only pair of clean socks where black. :( Sitting in a throne at ECC 2015 at the SureFire booth.  Here are the throne pictures I took from the past.

ECC 2015 expo Biggest Ecig Expo Ever

I went just one day this year. Check out what I had to say about the 2014 ECC and 2013 ECC.
This is just one of the several rooms I went to. It was even bigger this year then last year. I got some cool swag a mod and stuff to review. Stay posted.
Me sitting on a Throne
Coil Master First Look


Happy 4th of July Halo and Virgin Vapor coupon code

Sorry this is a bit late hope the deals save a people some money and everyones 4th of July is going great.
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Click here to shop. Halo Cigs sells some great starter kits and ejuice.  Halo Ejuice can be great ecig juice or terrible. I really like some flavors, while I am not a fan of others.

Halo Juice that I have reviewed
Halo Belgian Chocolate The best chocolate ejuice IMHO  
Halo Ecig's Malibu Mentol  
Prime 15 by Halo  
Midnight Apple  
Halo Turkish Tobacco ejuice generic cigarette flavored vape 
Halo Cigs Kringle's Curse ejuice Candy Cane vape 
Halo Cigs Ejuice Mystic Tobacco Vape 
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Halo Twisted Java Mint and Coffee ejuice 

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Virgin Vapor is quality they make up most of my list of current favorite ejuices.  I highly recommend picking up a bottle of Celestial Honeydew.
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Click the name bellow to se a review of some of my favorite ejuices from Virgin Vapor
Creme of Carrmel
Carmel Corn
Sweet Summer Lemonade
Peach Perfect 
Hunger of Persephone


Happy Fathers Day Gear Beasts Coupon code

 Fathers Day, Gear Beasts, Coupon code
Gear Beast is having a Fathers Day sale. You can get 15 percent off if you use the coupon code ForDAD. I got my SMY260 from Gear Beast. I don't recomend getting clones there just authentic stuff because all metal quality of most clones I tried are sub par.
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