Big Dripper V2 authentic auto top feeding RDA

Vapor DNA has the Big Dripper V2 the authentic auto top feeding RDA. You can get it for under $60 dollars by using the coupon code DNA10. I have one and I have been using it for over a month. Going to post the review this weekend. It is amazing. Really innovative feeding mechanism.  Click here to get it for $59 use coupon code DNA10


Junkie Juice Ultimate Hype cereal vape

6 mg PG VG ratio unknown 
I tried and reviewed this ejuice at Vape Industry.
Junkie Juice Ultimate is a cereal trifecta (Fruity Pebbles,Fruit Loops, Capt Crunch) . This flavor is complex and enjoyable at all wattages except for at 100w. Junkie Juice Ultimate is especially great at 60w.
I used four different wattages between 15-100. I used a Galaxy by Surric vapor RBA on a Sigilei on the  to review this juiceTo find your wattage and my key that I use to rate vapor production click here.

This juice is the best at 60w.  I enjoy really vaping this ejuice at high wattage, it is better than at 100w, 30w, or 15w. At higher wattages the fusion of flavors increases but at 100w this juice taste way way too perfumey. I recommend this ejuice to all vapers that vape around 60w or under.
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Big Pharma nicotine patches and gum lose sales because of vaping

Big Pharma, nicotine patches and gum, lose sales, ecigs, vaping
 Big Pharma is losing the battle to vaping and is playing dirty. A quote from big pharma CEO admitted to losing the battle to ecigs; "Of course, it's definitely taken a bit of our market, no question at all -- but there's a lot of competition in that space anyway." You can read more here.
Big Pharma is losing the battle to vaping and is playing dirty. A quote from big pharma CEO admitted to losing the battle to ecigs;

   That is a quote from Andrew Witty who is the CEO of GSK "GSK sells various nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and smoking cessation products, mainly in the form of patches or gum, including the brands Nicorette, NicoDerm CQ and the medicine Zyban." That information is from here.

   I think that explains the over regulation of a vaping in the cost of lives and the war on ecigs. A pro ecig blog from England wrote this,  "It’s possible this statement from GSK was a necessary one to respond to investors asking why the company is passing on an industry that has been doubling in size annually for more than 5 years now. While they can’t be expected to be involved in everything, they should have a pretty good reason why they’re letting their cessation sales plummet."

  I think big pharma figured it is cheaper to regulate vaping out of existence than try to compete. Vape on and overcome big pharmas attempt to make you a customer at the cost of your health.

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14 Obscenely Expensive Ecig Atomizers Worth Drooling Over

I don't have any of these atties. (Click here to see most of the equipment I am using.)  I wanted to get a Chalice III and I missed by a minute them in stock :( Hopefully I will get one soon. From 13 Obscenely Expensive Ecig Atomizers Worth Drooling Over:
Chalice Atomizer by Mark Bugs
Said to be the “first repairable bottom feeder atomizer in the world” the Chalice III provides a “magical like vaping experience” according to the manufacturer, Mark Bugs.
All parts of the Chalice are designed and produced inhouse. The RBA features implant grade titanium screw posts, a silver plated feeding pipe, and a “no wire” connection to the battery to eliminate short circuits due to faulty wiring.
The product went through a unique, crowdsourced design process where the final design was chosen by the company’s Facebook fans. "


Me when my batteries are dead

Me when my batteries are dead
Me when my batteries are dead is a funny vape meme IMHO. Using a toaster to vape ejuice in different.
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ecig charger that lets you charge USB gadgets Efest XSmart Single USB Charger

ecig charger, USB gadgets, Efest, XSmart, USB ChargerYou can get this cool charger here for under 10 dollars. Use coupon code DNA10 for 10 percent off.  I have been looking for a portable charger that can use the 18650 I carry around to charge my cell phone and other usb gadgets forever.  Efest XSmart Single USB Charger seems to be the one. Hope they make a 26650 version soon :) 
Side note: I am sorry I have not been posting very frequently. Hopefully that will change soon. My sense of taste is finally returning today. :) To see the juice reviews I have done click here.