Juice I have from FreedomSmokeUSA

Sunrise  pg/vg 50%pg50%vg Nicotine 24mg Milliliters 3
Smooth and mellow with a bit of a wake-up kick to it.
Key Lime Pie pg/vg 50%pg50%vg Nicotine 24mg Milliliters 3
RockingChair pg/vg 50%pg50%vg Milliliters 3 Nicotine 24mg
A sitting on the porch, laid back flavor. A complex, warming vape with a gentle, fragrant and a refreshing finish.
Upwoods Nicotine 24mg Milliliters 3 pg/vg 50%
A sweet tobacco with a citrusy undertone.
Saffron pg/vg 50% Nicotine 24mg Milliliters 3
Mushroom, Porcino pg/vg 50%pg50%vg Milliliters 3 Nicotine 24mg
French Toast Milliliters 3 Nicotine 24mg pg/vg 50%pg50%vg
Jasmine Milliliters 5 Nicotine 18mg pg/vg 50%pg50%vg

Sample Packs Description comes from the Freedom Smoke USA website

Sampler pack comes with five 3ml samples. All are mixed at 24mg 50pg/50vg. 

Alcoholics Anonymous Sampler Pack Includes: 
Mojito Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerTaste of Cuba, minty, sweet, and tart. Vape and enjoy!

JagerBomb Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerThe wonderful flavors of that "pick me up" drink the Jager Bomb. Red Bull fans are going to love the experience.

Harvey Wallbanger Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerJust like the unforgettable drink, the great taste of orange with a hint of spices and seasonings.

Appletini Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerEveryone's favorite sweet, green drink. An innocent-looking flavor with surprising punch.

Brandy & Cola Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
An envigorating and warming vape to get your evening started right. 

Assorted Tobacco Sampler Pack Includes: 
FreedomSmoke Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA rich blend of full flavored tobaccos that is unique enough to carry the FreedomSmoke brand.

American Spirit Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerRenown for pure unaltered tobacco taste for a serious tobacco flavor.

PureCig Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerThis is what you've been waiting for, tobacco die-hards. A cigarette, straight-up. That same strong thraot hit, that same lung fulfilling feel.

Wyatt Earp Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerThis is FreedomSmokeUSA's Signature Cowboy Blend. With a tobacco flavor that will do the old gunslinger himself proud! A warm, complex tobacco that everyone experiences differently.

New/Port Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
An authentic menthol taste with just enough mint to leave you feeling fresh, a rich tobacco taste that plays the leave with a great throat hit. 

Be Brave Sampler Pack Includes: 
Baby-Back-Ribs Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerPhenomenal, smoky, fall off the bone BBQ flavor. Vape it and you will see what we mean.

Trail Mix Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA mix of randon flavors that will remind you of the great outdoorsy treat every time.

Spaghetti Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerThe classic taste of spaghetti with rich tomatoe sauce. Try it with our garlic bread!

Garlic Bread Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA traditional Italian side dish gull of all that garlic goodness.

Peppered Jerkey Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
A hardy rich vape that is a perfect combination of spice and smokiness. 

Berry Good Sampler Pack Includes: 
Bilberry Pre-Mixed Sampler Sweet and tart, just enough to give you a little pucker.

BlackBerry Pre-Mixed Sampler Musky fruity Flavor. A nice rich vape.

Strawberry Pre-Mixed Sampler The queen of delicious fruit taste.

Raspberry Pre-Mixed Sampler Plain delicious tart raspberry flavor.

Black Currant Pre-Mixed Sampler 
A special fruity but intense flavor.

Childhood Favorites Sampler Pack Includes: 
Banana Taffy Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerLike it sounds, a mixture of banana and taffy that will cure your sweet tooth without getting stuck in your teeth.

Gummy Bears Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerOur juice captures the flavor of those sweet little candy bears. You can't vape just one.

Zebra Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerThe great, fruity flavor of the classic bubble gum.

HoHo's Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerThe great classic taste of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure!

Bubble Gum Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
We have captured the essence of the beloved bubblegum. Sit back and vape a cherished childhood favorite. 

Citrus Showdown Sampler Pack Includes: 
Bergamot Pre-Mixed Sampler A luxury citrus, elegant taste, a must try

Lychee Pre-Mixed Sampler This little fruit is so sweet, florescent and delicious that you may lose your taste for candy. A perfect treat to yourself. You'll love it.

Mangosteen Pre-Mixed Sampler A great surprise for your taste buds.

Passionfruit Pre-Mixed Sampler Intense, potent and fruity.

Mandarin Pre-Mixed Sampler 
Delicious super juicy and natural taste.

Drink Up Sampler Pack Includes: 
Jungle Juice Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler A flawless mix of exotic fruits.

Black Cherry Smoothie Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler A great, tangy vape to make you smile.

Cappuccino Smooth Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler Pure and smooth cappuccino taste, this is one great coffee experience.

Razbull Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler The invigorating taste that gives you wings with a burst of raspberry.

Raspberry Tea Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler 
Excellent combo of raspberry and a mild tea provides a spring-like flavor burst. 

Fresh from the Field Tobacco Sampler Pack Includes: 
7 Leaves Ultimate Tobacco Pre-Mixed Sampler FlavourArt's latest development. Delivers a nice dry and radiant note, with a light undertone of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy touch. When vaped it promises and offers a delicate and light taste for a pleasant vape experience.

Burley Tobacco Pre-Mixed Sampler Rich and smooth with delicate floral undertones. A tobacco flavor reminiscent of the breeze and fragrance of Kentucky.

Virginia Tobacco Pre-Mixed Sampler Mild, light and aromatic. A must-try for all tobacco enthusiasts.

Mellow Sunset Tobacco Pre-Mixed Sampler Mild and gentle, more mellow than the Dark Vapure, with a gentle flavor and a light licorice undertone.

Shade Tobacco Pre-Mixed Sampler 
Deep, dark, hardy flavor. Elegant with a very distinct and long lasting taste. 

Fun in the Sun Sampler Pack Includes: 
Pink Lemonade Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA truly refreshing vape, with a light, sweet-tart taste.

Orange Cream Sicle Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerJust like that frozen delight on a stick, a delightful orange flavor, perfectly balanced into a smooth delicious cream.

Mango Tea Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerA sweet mango tea taste.

Water/Razzle Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA light flavor of watermelon with a zing of Raspberry.

S. Berry Licorice Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
Sweet like strawberry, rich like licorice. 

Minty Fresh Sampler Pack Includes: 
Limber Mint Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerLime and cucumber, with a kick of mint. Enjoy a rejuvinating, fun vape.

Minted Water Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerHave a revitalizing, tall glass of water, with a splash of mint.

Doublemint Gum Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerAn icy blast with a splash of sweetness!

Peppermint Patty Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA nice strong mint, with a rich chocolate undertone

Razzlemint Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
Raspberry with a cool blast of mint. 

Specialty Tobacco Sampler Pack Includes: 
Upwoods Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA sweet tobacco with a citrusy undertone.

Teardrop Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA rich tobacco with a touch of citrus.

Switchblade Pre-Mixed Speciality SamplerA dark, rich tobacco flavor for the true tobacco enthusiasts.

Outlaw Pre-Mixed Specialty SamplerA hardcore tobacco blend for the hardcore vaper.

Voodoo Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler
A mysteriously fruity vape with a dark undertone. What is this magical flavor? Vape it and feel the hex over take you. 

Spice Up Your Life Sampler Pack Includes: 
Cardamom Pre-Mixed Sampler Original & peculiar taste, with a fresh fragrance to it.

Thyme Pre-Mixed Sampler Warm and spicy.

Pepper, Black Pre-Mixed Sampler The woody, spicy taste that ruled the world. Aromatic without the peppery bite.

Saffron Pre-Mixed Sampler Great for adding spice to your life. An intense and exotic flavor.

Clove Pre-Mixed Sampler 
Warm and spicy. The dessert of smoking pleasure.

Still Thirsty? Sampler Pack Includes: 
Cappuccino Pre-Mixed Sampler Silky and smooth taste of milk combines with the power of the coffee. Opposite’s attract.

Coffee Espresso Pre-Mixed Sampler Intense, powerful, in the Italian Style. A real get-up-and-go flavor.

Cola Pre-Mixed Sampler Refreshing and slightly spicy. Leaves a nice little fizz on your tongue, and goes down nice every time

Tea, Green Pre-Mixed Sampler A refreshing, crisp, lightly sweetened green tea taste. Not fermented, more floral and light. Perfect for a relaxed afternoon, or a thoughtful conversation.

Crimson Cow Pre-Mixed Sampler 
Tastes just like Red Bull. Get energized.

Tempting Treats Sampler Pack Includes: 
Candy Corn Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler A Halloween treat that's available all year long!

Caramel Apple Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler An American classic, everybody's favorite sweet treat.

Smore Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler Enjoy the pleasure of a camp out without the mess.

Peanut Butter Cup Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler A perfect explosion of peanut butter and chocolate flavors.

Thinn Mint Cookie Pre-Mixed Specialty Sampler 
A tasty mix of mint and chocolate, the only thing missing is the crunch and the little girl in green.