Dex's 5.0 Vape

This is one of my favorite flavors from them. It is not too sweet and not too minty. The mint is a spearmint one.  It taste great. Running low on my bottle. I keep reaching for it. It taste great at most watts. 

Dex's 5-0 Vapor Juice, is a great blend of Tobacco, Kona Coffee, Klua, Pineapple and Coconut.
So Lets go through the watts.
I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at different watt settings
You can use OHMs Law to figure out my impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if you don't have a darwin.

4.2 Watts  Good vapor even at the low watts. Very sweet at this wattage. Too much coconut too. :(
6.2 Watts The vapor is still great. Less coconut. A strange almost grape taste.
8.0 Watts Clouds of vapor. Nice tangy grape taste with a hint of coconut 
9.1 Watts Amazing Vapor. The good tangy grape taste a little less sweet. The coconut is totally gone. 
10.5 Watts  Good amount of vapor. The taste of coconut is back and it tastes a bit burny. 
12.7 Watts Nice clouds of vapor but totally taste burnt. 

It is a good juice. I am not a big nut vape fan so it is not my thing. Can recommend it to people that like the taste of coconut. It is defiantly different. But I can't get over the nut taste :( Good vapor producing juice.