Ecto Plasma Juicy Vapor

It is a great juice to taste. Not sure if this is worthy of a all day vape or to buy again. But it is interesting. The site describes it as
Blast from the past Ecto Plasma is a delicious lemon & lime fruit punch that will make your mouth say "Who you gonna call?".
I don't remember the juice from my childhood but it is a nice vape. The vapor production is better then Juicy Vapors Oba Oba but a little but less then Juicy Vapors Tiger's Blood.

Lets go through the watts.
I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at different watt settings
You can use OHMs Law to figure out my impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if you don't have a darwin.

4.2 Watts  Decent vapor. A bit to sweat the lemon and lime taste is greater then the fruit punch but they all exist
6.2 Watts Better vapor then before. The citrus taste overwhelms although it is less sweet.
8.0 Watts Lots of vapor not yet clouds. The flavors seem to blend together nicely but the lime flavor overpowers a little.
9.1 Watts Clouds of vapor. The flavors are less powerful but still exist.
10.5 Watts Better clouds of vapor. The flavors are more muted but blend nicely still a nice citrus flavor overpowers the fruit punch.
12.7 Watts Amazing Coulds of Vapor. The juice has a slight burn taste but it mixes well with the fruit. Not sweet at all. A little dry.

Overall I would recommend this juice to try, especially at HV. It has a nice flavor combo. Not my favorite. But definitely a flavor I will keep coming back to.  Amazing at around 11 watts :)