FreedomSmokeUSA Mango Tea

24 MG 50 PG/ 50 VG

Just when I was feeling I wasted my money of all the sampler packs I got from Freedom Smoke USA. I tried this one. It is still dry. Doesn't have an in your face flavor. But the flavor it does have is great. My eucalyptus mentol flavoring is in the mail but I think it would go great with this juice. This juice is not amazing. But it has an interesting taste that is not too vague or strong. The vapor production on this juice is amazing. Ten times more then other juices from the sample pack.

Vapor Production Key

I am using a numeric key to represent different vapor I judge the juice to have at different wattages.

1 Weak vapor production less then a half puff of an analog cigarette
2 Defiantly not enough vapor. Less then a puff of an analog
3 Same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 More smoke then a puff but not the same as a drag
5 Same vapor production as a drag from an analog cigarette
6 Little more then a drag but no clouds of vapor
7 Just shy from clouds of vapor
8 little cloud of vapor
9 cloud of vapor
10 amazing amounts of clouds of vapor. Almost feel like you need to open some windows.

How I rate E Juice
I am vaping on a Darwin mod from Evolv. Different juices taste different at different wattages.
You can use OHMs Law to find what atomizer or cartomiser to use to obtain the the flavor you want if you don't have a Darwin. Here is a nice online calculator of OHMs law you can use.

4.2 Watts    4 Nice sweet tart mango and ice tea taste a bit dry
6.2 Watts    6 little less sweet but still tart and nice ice tea flavor still try
8.2 Watts    7 not as sweet or flavor full the mago and tea flavors kind of fuse together
10.2 Watts 8  the mango changes into a hint with warm tea flavors
12.7 Watts  8 burny tea mess

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

This juice is surprisingly good. Just wish it wasn't so dry. Alot better mixed down with pure VG. I got 50 50 blend. Maybe will tast better with a higher VG blend. Taste is more faint though. If you are a fan of the ice tea taste then try it. Going to try it with some mentol hopefully it will make it less dry. I am going to hold on to this one. Not sure how it mixes with mentol but finally a good juice from Freedom Smoke USA.