Ginger Bread Vapealicious Juice

12mg 50pg/50vg.

Gingerbread is an interesting flavor. It taste more like weak ginger snaps. The ginger taste is that strong. The vapor production is not the best. But it fills the lungs and gives a satisfying hit. I like spicy food. I like to sweat when I eat. So the ginger might be strong enough for some, just not me :) The juice is also on the dry side. It is not really dry. But it is more dry then juicy. I prefer juicy in your face flavors. This is not one but it still is a good juice.

This is the vapor production number system I am using to number the amount of vapor at different wattages
1 weak vapor production less then half a puff from an analog cigarette
2 defiantly not enough vapor.
3 the same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 more then a puff not as much smoke as a drag
5 same vapor production as a drag from a cigarette
6 little more then a drag still no clods of vapor
7 just shy from clouds of vapor
8 clouds of vapor
9 amazing clouds of vapor
10 insane amounts of clouds of vapor. Can someone open a window here

So Lets go through the watts.I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at different watt settings .
You can use OHMs Law to figure out my impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if you don't have a darwin.

4.2 Watts 1V Sweet cookie with a hint of ginger.
6.2 Watts 3V sweet cookie taste with a little more ginger
8.0 Watts 4V not as sweet cookie taste with more ginger. The flavors start to blend together.
9.1 Watts 4V can taste some of the dryness now. The giner and the cookie tastes are blended. Still a bit too sweet.
10.5 Watts 5V dry ginger cookie taste. Wish there was more ginger. Or they offered this flavor doubled or tripled.
12.7 Watts 6V a bit more ginger. The ginger blends with the cookie taste completely. A bit dry still a bit too sweet.

Vaped over a ml in reviewing it. Not juicy or strong enough for me. Taste is subjective so it might be your all day vape. It gives a nice th and fills the lungs despite not having the best vapor. The juice is not for me so, I am not recommending it. But try it if you like not strong sweet ginger snaps.