Gummy Bearz from Juicy Vapors

Gummy Bears is one of my favorites. It taste exactly like what a red gummy bear taste like. The juice is not too sweet or artificial tasting. The strength is okay. Wish it would be a bit stronger but it is amazing how it is now. I have been vaping the juice alot. It is my go to juice for a nice taste. 

This is what Juicy Vapor says about it

Yummy Gummy tasty bearz you remember as a kid and still do as a big kid too.
So Lets go through the watts.
I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at different watt settings
You can use OHMs Law to figure out my impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if you don't have a darwin.

4.2 Watts  Vapor production is what one would expect at this low wattage. Nice Gummy Bear taste but a little sweet. 
6.2 Watts The vapor is much better. Most of the sweetness is gone it developed a hint of tang..
8.0 Watts Good vapor. Just Gummy Bear good ness.
9.1 Watts Nice vapor production. The sweetness is a bit less here. The tang increased a bit. But still tastes great. And a good gummy bear flavor on the exhale. 
10.5 Watts Clouds of Vapor. Taste even less sweet but more tang. It is not too hot but getting there. 
12.7 Watts Even better vapor production But the taste is burny now.  

I highly recommend this juice. It has an uncanny flavor that is just like the candy. It is not too sweet IMHO. If it gets too sweet for you just vape it at a higher wattage. My bottle is almost done. I am going to order a bigger bottle of it next time. This juice is great stuff. Everyone one should have a bottle of it.