Juicy Vapor Jager Bomb

They list this as the flavor description  "Jake I. has dropped a bomb on us, a Jager Bomb.  Boasting a blend of Red Bull and Black Licorice, this one is on target for a taste bud explosion! "

This juice is horrid. There is no taste bud explosion. Red Bull and Black licorice do not make a good mix.
The vapor production is okay not amazing not terrible.
I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at different watt settings
You can use OHMs Law to figure out my impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if you don't have a darwin.

At 4.2 watts You taste the redbull and licorice not good vapor production
At 7 watts Better vapor production. Less of a redbull taste but the licorice is still strong.
At 10 watts Clouds of vapor. The taste of redbull is totally gone. I am a black licorice fan but this stuff tastes a big off.
At 12.5 watts Amazing vapor. No redbull taste. The licorice taste is better but still off.

Glad I only got a 3ml bottle. Will not buy it again. Maybe you might like it. Putting it in my to trade bag. The taste is not for me.