Juicy Vapor Prickly Pear Lemonade

I really like a not sweet lemonade favor and a the flavor of prickly pear. I should like this juice but this juice is amazingly week. You can barely taste the flavor on the first drag. Great vapor production even at a low wattage. But there is no real taste here. It has potential the first drag gives a hint of a nice taste but the rest of the drags are just flavorless.
At all watts I can barely taste anything after the the first drag. It might be that I got a bad batch or something but don't order this juice if you plan on tasting any flavor.
 It is like taking a nice flavor and diluting it ten times with a mixture of VG and PG. Strange this flavor is so week tasting, The other juices I have reviewed from Juicy Vapor so far have a decent flavor amount. Not in your face flavor like I want but this one is like vaping water that has a fait lemon taste in it.