Juicy Vapor Tigger's Blood

Boom #Winning Surprisingly this ejuice is amazing. No mater what your thoughts are on Charlie Sheen I recommend trying this juice.

Juicy Vapors described it as this
" #Winning, Winning, Epic Winning...Winning everywhere..Get your head in the game with our tigers blood. Bloody Oranges with Raspberries, Ginger with a hint of Menthol"
My fear was it would taste like orange peel like other orange 
flavored juices. It does not. The ginger is not noticeable.

I am vaping it on a darwin. So let me tell you how it taste at 
different watt settings. You can use OHMs Law to figure out my 
impression of the flavor with different voltage and atomizers if 
you don't have a darwin

At 4.2 Watts The vapor still shines. It is very sweet a bit too sweet 
for me. The mint is barley noticeable but adds a nice cool. 

At 6 Watts Even better vapor. The sweetness and other flavors are 
muted but the mint is intense. Can't taste the raspberry really. I 
would not recommend vaping this juice at this wattage. 
At 8 Watts Great vapor. The mint is more muted and the raspberry 
taste comes back. 
At 10 watts Amazing vapor production. The mint and raspberry 
flavors kind of combine. It is an interesting taste. 
At 12 watts Even better vapor then at 10. The mint and raspberry 
taste in futher combined and still pools through. The mint keeps 
the vapor cool even at this high wattage.

Overal this juice is amazing. For some it is a nice all day vape. I 
vape it in the mornings. The touch of mint is noticeable but not 
overpowering. Nice raspberry taste. Not bitter or overly sweet at
HV. I would defently buy again. The only thing holding me back 
from vaping it more is the food coloring. Blood red makes the joke 
funnier but I don't think it is that good for you. Who knows.