Mister-E-Liquid Lemon Ice is the Maxim Girl of Juices

18 MG Nic 33 % VG

I think it this juice is the maxim girl of Ejucies. Not the "chubby girl that looks good from far away" posted at my friends HisFattness list. Think he uses a carto to vape it and I use an atty. This juice is great. It recieved awards at other juice review site for a reason. 

The juice is moist and juicy. It has a taste of tang on lemons with strong mentol. Wish the mentol was a bit stronger. But it is really strong. Just used to my mentol drops I guess. It soothes rather than bothers the throat unlike must e juices. It is not the most complex ejucie but it is great at what it does.

Vapor Production Key

I am using a numeric key to represent different vapor. I judge the juice at different wattages.

1 Weak vapor production less then a half puff of an analog cigarette
2 Defiantly not enough vapor. Less then a puff of an analog
3 Same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 More smoke then a puff but not the same as a drag
5 Same vapor production as a drag from an analog cigarette
6 Little more then a drag but no clouds of vapor
7 Just shy from clouds of vapor
8 little cloud of vapor
9 cloud of vapor
10 amazing amounts of clouds of vapor. Almost feel like you need to open some windows.

How I rate E Juice
I am vaping on a Darwin mod from Evolv. Different juices taste different at different wattages.
You can use OHMs Law to find what atomizer or cartomiser to use to obtain the the flavor you want if you don't have a Darwin. Here is a nice online calculator of OHMs law you can use.

4.2 Watts    3 Sweet tangy lemon and mentol.
6.2 Watts    4 Semi sweat tangy lemon and stronger mentol taste.
8.2 Watts    6 Tangy lemon with a hint of sweetness with a strong mentol.
10.2 Watts 7.5 Mentol with a tangy lemon base.
12.7 Watts  9.5 Mentol with a hint of tangy lemon.

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

This juice is amazing for me. I vape it at the highest wattage and it is a big vapor producer even on an atty that needs to be cleaned. This juice makes me wish my darwin went to higher wattage. The lemon is a nice tangy lemon even at the lower watts it isn't too sweet. I know taste is subjective. But this juice is a Maxim model with great taste in the outset but no real depth. It is nice to vape sometimes. But it isn't complex enough for an all day vape. I recommend this to anyone that likes a tangy mentol vape. Don't get me wrong this juice rocks. I need to order more ASAP. If you have not tried it, I would.