Nhaler Pear Lung Juice

12 MG 

This juice is supposed to make your lungs better, improve your health, and make you sleep better. I have no clue on the truth behind the claims. Don't believe the herbs have a low enough burning point to turn into vapor. But it does calm me down a bit. No clue if it is placebo or not. The herbs add an interesting taste to the juice. They also make it the priciest juice I own. 5 bucks for a 5ml. I go through 3 ml a day of juice, even though I vape like a research monkey :P. I only vape this juice before I head to bed so it is worth being a dollar more then other juice. It only comes in a 12mg strength which is great for me because that is what I prefer but it can be too strong or weak for some.  It is an interesting juice not really moist. But not really dry. I wish it was moister. The strength of the juice is not vague or in your face it is in the medium too.

Vapor Production Key

I am using a numeric key to represent different vapor. I judge the juice at different wattages.

1 Weak vapor production less then a half puff of an analog cigarette
Defiantly not enough vapor. Less then a puff of an analog
3 Same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 More smoke then a puff but not the same as a drag
5 Same vapor production as a drag from an analog cigarette
6 Little more then a drag but no clouds of vapor
7 Just shy from clouds of vapor
8 little cloud of vapor
9 cloud of vapor
10 amazing amounts of clouds of vapor. Almost feel like you need to open some windows.

How I rate E Juice
I am vaping on a Darwin mod from Evolv. Different juices taste different at different wattages.
You can use OHMs Law to find what atomizer or cartomiser to use to obtain the the flavor you want if you don't have a Darwin. Here is a nice online calculator of OHMs law you can use.

4.2 Watts    1 Taste like a candied pear with a toasty slight minty taste
6.2 Watts    3 Not as sweet. Taste more like a regular pear now. The toasty flavor is more present. The mint taste is vague but still there
8.2 Watts    4 Toasty pear taste. The pear and the toasty flavor fuse together.
10.2 Watts 5.5 More fusion the pear is still there but less sweet.
12.7 Watts  7 Pear is more fait to the toasty taste it fuses together well. The juice holds up here.

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

If you want a nice southing pear vape when you are done with the day. I recommend this one. Just don't vape it in the middle of the day :P Maybe it will not effect you the same way. Who knows if it is good for you lungs. Read more about it on a thread here. It is not dry but I wish it was more moist. This juice has decent vapor and great pear taste.