Tiger's Blood by Vixen Vapors

18 MG Nic 30 % VG

Wow this juice is yummy. After steeping it taste good even in cartos. Which I don't like most juice from. This juice is just yum. Vixen Vapors describes it as
WARNING: FOR WINNERS ONLY! This perfect blend of Strawberries & Cream with a hint of White Chocolate is a very light flavor and a great way to start the day.
Not sure if I agree with it. The flavor is just yum and it is not a light flavor. It as a fusion of flavors that just taste great. Even if you never smoked get it in 0 mg and a beginner and if you are a vapor I highly recommend it.  The vapor smells and taste great. I walk around with a darwin so use to people turning around to look at it. But when I was vaping this even more people did. It just smells so good.
One of my favorite Juices I have ever tried is Cloud of Vapor Butterscotch (read my review here). It does not have the flavor intensity even in triple favor but it taste better IMHO. I thought Juicy Vapors Tiger Blood was great. That is until I tried this one. Vixen Vapors Tiger blood is so much better. It is what a great ejuice should taste like.

How I steeped it

After siting in the bottle for two weeks it was still a bit of a perfume taste. I removed the cap and dripper and put it on a dresser right infront of a fan next to a window for 6 days. The perfume taste was totally gone. Not sure on the right way to steep the juice. This way seemed to work. If you have young kids or animals I would not take the dripper or cap off. Probably the same as leaving it steep for 3 weeks in a normal condition. Just takes a while for the flavor to mix with all the pg and vg. 

Vapor Production Key and How I rate E Juice click here 

4.2 Watts    3 sweet berries little of the great yummy fusion but still there. Nice and juicy.
6.2 Watts    4 hit of berries with a fusion of flavors that is indescribable except for yum. It taste great. Nice and juicy.
8.2 Watts    5 a more toasty fusion of great tasting fusion of heaven. Not a big white chocalate fan but this doesn't taste like it. Just a great yummy flavor. Nice and juicy.
10.2 Watts 7 still the great yummy flavor less berries. Nice and juicy still.
12.7 Watts  8 warm yummy taste with out berries. Still juicy. Hold up well.

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

This juice is the bomb. I am going to order more even though I have more then enough ejuice to last me years. If you don't have a kit to vape it. Order one to. If you have a kit and have not tried it yet you should get it. Finally found my all day vape. This is the best ejuice out there IMHO. Remember I am vaping triple flavor with out mentol. Want to try it with all the mentol choices. Be careful with mentol choices even though it is amazing mentol as I mentioned in this review it can be a bit overpowering. Say you read this review and ask for 40 percent flavor in the comment section and they will provide it.   This juice needs to steep wait a week or two before you are amazed. If for any reason you don't like the juice email me at ajy.aaron at gmail.com and I will gladly trade any of the 200 juices I have for more of this great stuff. I highly recommend this juice for all.

If you decided to get this or another juice at Vixen Vapors please use my email ajy dot aaron at gmail dot com as a referral. Email me first and we can both get a 5 buck voucher on a future purchase if you do this(just good karma now). I have reviewed juice from tons of other vendors. I am not a shill just think they make great juice. I just like receiving a small discount on my future juice purchases and you will get the same reward too. There has been a problem and I did not get credit from over half a dozen people I directed to the site. :( So please email me with the name and email you are going to use to make sure I get credit. If you are the people I referred over to the site in the past please email me so we can both get a voucher.
The bonus they give me is small but nice and does not effect the way I do my reviews. I am brutally honest. Also, they way the did mentol recently changed. I like the pervious way they did mentol better. You can get the old way they did mentol by just asking for it in a comment.