Vixen Vapors Coco Loco with Medium Mentol

12 MG 30 PG/ 70 VG

Not the biggest fan of coconut vapes. But I really enjoy coconut cocktails and coconut milk in my curries and pastas. This juice makes me want to try other coconut vapes. I ordered only a 5 ml of this in single flavor because I wanted to try this new flavor that vixen developed. The flavor is surprisingly strong for single flavor. The mentol is barley there. I think I am an Extreme or Arctic Mentol level fan of theirs. Toasty coconut with hints of berries that tingles my throat the perfect amount. It is a nice juicy blend.

Vapor Production Key

I am using a numeric key to represent different vapor I judge the juice to have at different wattages.

1 Weak vapor production less then a half puff of an analog cigarette
2 Defiantly not enough vapor. Less then a puff of an analog
3 Same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 More smoke then a puff but not the same as a drag
5 Same vapor production as a drag from an analog cigarette
6 Little more then a drag but no clouds of vapor
7 Just shy from clouds of vapor
8 little cloud of vapor
9 cloud of vapor
10 amazing amounts of clouds of vapor. Almost feel like you need to open some windows.

How I rate E Juice
I am vaping on a Darwin mod from Evolv. Different juices taste different at different wattages.
You can use OHMs Law to find what atomizer or cartomiser to use to obtain the the flavor you want if you don't have a Darwin. Here is a nice online calculator of OHMs law you can use.

4.2 Watts    3 sweet toasty coconut taste the undertons are so faint that they are nice but not noticed.
6.2 Watts    5 semi sweat toasty coconut flavor the undertands are still fait but add a little more tang
8.2 Watts    7 toasty coconut flavor nice tang and the undertone taste of berries is there with a bit less tang
10.2 Watts 8 warm toasty coconut fuses with the berry undertone with a hint of tang
12.7 Watts  9 warm toasty coconut fision with a hint of berries and tang. Nice here not burt. Great HV juice

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

This juice is amazing. I would recommend it to all coconut taste lovers and those that usually don't like coconut vapes. It holds up surprisingly well on HV. Need to try this juice at a higher mentol level might make it my all day vape. This juice with vixens tigers blood and COV butterscotch make my top 3 juices and I am not a fan of coconut flavored vapes usually.


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