Dry Verse Juicy Ejuice

I realize that all ejuice has the same base chemicals but some of the flavorings make ejuice dry or moist tasting. Some ejuices are soothing to your throat and chain vaping them all day makes your throat feel better those are what I called moist Ejuices. On the contrary some juices hurt your throat and even a couple of drags can cause hours and days worth of pain these I call dry ejuices.  There is some confusion. Not everyone is sensitive to dry ejuices. I am going to update the list with the mosts and driest ejuices and still leave the old list on the bottom of the page if you need more examples.

Moistest Ejuices
Virgin Vapors Carmel Cream extra extra strong with EcoPure
Vixen Vapors TigerBlood
COV Butterscotch 
Vapelicious Maui Blend X High WTA

Driest Ejuices
EcoPure Menthol
Cignot English Toffee EcoPure
Alien Visions Flue Cured
555 Backwoods Brew
Vapealicious Gold Rush
Freedom Smokes USA Double Mint Gum

Here is the old list of juice I reviewed with links to the reviews

Moist tasting

sort of moist