Mister-E-Liquid Pomegranate Berry

 12 MG Nic 33 % VG

This juice has an amazing mixture of flavors. The Pomegranate is just right not too sweet or tart and it taste great with their berry. Their blueberry is something else. It doesn't taste like the dry perfumey mess of TPA or FA flavoring. It add a unique taste that goes great with the Pomegranate. It is not dry but not juicy. The juice is not in your face flavoring, it can and should be stronger IMHO. I still am almost done with my bottle and I am going to order more soon. I highly recommend the juice if you can get it doubled. The flavoring is amazing. It is not like anything I have tasted before.

Vapor Production Key

I am using a numeric key to represent different vapor I judge the juice to have at different wattages.

1 Weak vapor production less then a half puff of an analog cigarette
2 Defiantly not enough vapor. Less then a puff of an analog
3 Same amount of vapor as a short puff of an analog cigarette
4 More smoke then a puff but not the same as a drag
5 Same vapor production as a drag from an analog cigarette
6 Little more then a drag but no clouds of vapor
7 Just shy from clouds of vapor
8 little cloud of vapor
9 cloud of vapor
10 amazing amounts of clouds of vapor. Almost feel like you need to open some windows.

How I rate E Juice
I am vaping on a Darwin mod from Evolv. Different juices taste different at different wattages.
You can use OHMs Law to find what atomizer or cartomiser to use to obtain the the flavor you want if you don't have a Darwin. Here is a nice online calculator of OHMs law you can use.

4.2 Watts    4 It has a sweet blueberry taste with a sweet pomegranate taste.
6.2 Watts    6 It taste like semi sweet blueberry and semi sweet pomegranate.
8.2 Watts    7 The toasted blueberries taste comes out with a semi sweet pomegranate.
10.2 Watts 8 The juice develops at this wattage an interesting semi sweet tarte fusion of the pomegranate and blueberries.
12.7 Watts  9 The flavors are more fused here there is a hint of a burned taste. It is less sweet here.

Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key above.

I recommend the juice. If there was a way to double the flavor I will highly recommend it. I vaped through my whole 6 ml bottle trying to figure out why this juice is so intriguing. It just is different from most. It adds a complexity that is not found in the amazing juice by them Lemon Ice. I am waiting for the iced version it might be amazing. This juice is one of a kind. Try it if you like the taste of pomegranate and blueberries you will not be disappointed. As always taste is subjective so get a small bottle of this juice first but if there was a juice that you saved on a big bottle of it is like the vixen's tigers blood you probably will not be sorry.