Box 5

Random Juice
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Electo Nic Stick
Apple Cider 11 mg 8ml 

Freedom Smoke 
ry3 24 mg 6ml 

Kick bass vaper
Jolly Park Ranger 18 mg vg 20 25 ml
Root Beer bait a sample 2ml

Totally Twisted Texas
Mango Tango 12mg 3ml

Vern River
Kennwood 20mg

Good Prophets
New Port 18 mg 5ml

Kick Bass Vapes
Jolly Park Rangers 18 mg 20VG 20 ml

Vicking Vapor
Honey 6mg 4.5 ml

HV big heart vapor
helmuts chocolate slurry 12 mg 50 vg 5 ml

Void mist
Penut Butter Cup 2ml

Blue Mist
Carmel 11mg 30 VG 9 ml

DAT's Vapor
Chia Tea 18mg 100VG 3ml

Tasty Puff
Strawberry 11 mg 20 VG

Flavor West
Tropical Punch 11 mg 20 VG 4ml

Joogler Juice
Chocalate mint 0 mg 8ml
Fruit Strip Gum 12 mg 20 VG 2ml

Blue Mist
1/3 Cotton cady 1/3 banna split 1/3 Buble Gum 14mg 4ml

Good Prophets
GP Newport 5ml

Empire Mods
RockyRoad 50 vg 12 mg

Rockstar Vapor
Strawberry Mango 25 mg 3ml
Rasberry Pomegranate 25 mg 30vg 3ml

Eminent Vapor
Menthos 18 MG 1.5ml (need to order more)

Vapor Talk
100% VG 24MG
Sweet Dawn 9 ml
Vapor Talk Sweet Dawn - A sweet juicy textured taste with pear and a hint morning dawn. Bottled and ready to for you to enjoy. If your mouth isn't watering, it should be.
Dulic 3ml
A Tobacco Juice with a hint of caramel that is sweet (although not too sweet!) and decadent. And for those of you wondering it's pronounced, dull (like a dull day)  sis (like sister)
VTCola  7.5 ml
Fresh, crisp Cola just in time for summer!
Midnight 3 ml
A nice sweet treat quickly becoming a Vapor Talk favorite. 
Colada 4 ml
Grape soda 6 ml
Cappuccino 9 ml
Apple D'apple  8 ml
Minta 7 ml
Chocolate Java 1 ml

Ms T
Pomegranate 5.5 ml 14 MG
Snicker doodles cookies 9 ml 14 MG
Banna Fosters 5 ml 18 MG
Vanilla Cupcake 9 ml 14 MG
Vanilla Custard 9ml 14 MG
Blackberry Eucalyptus Cough Drops .5 ml 14 MG
Pomegranate Lemonade 8 ml 14MG
Carmel Cookie 10 ml 14 MG

Vapor Station all 5ml samplers with 35 mg nic
Rose Water
Cafe Sumatra

Pomegranate Lung 12mg 4ml
Orange Lung 12 mg 6 ml
Green Tea Lung 12 mg 2.5 ml
Sleepytime Green Tea Lung 8 mg  4 ml
High Voltage Asian pear 10mg 2 ml
High Voltage Tobaccorillo 10mg 4.5 ml
Pear Lung 12mg 0 ml (need to order more some day)

Juices I have from Freedom Smoke USA
CruchBerries 18mg 4ml Need to get more
GingerBread Cookie 6mg 20 vg 5ml
BanaSplit X2 18mg 20 VG 3ml

DIY Mixes
BlackBerry Brandy 24mg 6ml
Watermelon 24mg 3ml

Strawberry 18 mg 4.5 ml

Mojito 16 mg 60 vg 22 ml
black sunday 16 mg 60 vg 28 ml
black sunday 12 mg 25 vg 5 ml

Premium Tobacco 12 mg 10ml

Not sure what vendor

Apple Pie ?? 7ml
chocolate milk shake 18 mg 50 VG 3ml