Carmel Popcorn from Tasty Vapor Extra Strong

12 MG 50 PG/ 50 VG

Taste very sillar to a bag of carmel popcorn. Even though I got this juice extra strong. It is not strong enough flavor for me :( At least it does not taste like flavored water. The juice is not juicy but not dry.
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4.2 Watts    3 It taste like sweet carmel and popcorn.
8.2 Watts    5 There is a semi sweet the carmel and the popcorn that start blend together.
12.7 Watts  8 It has amazing fusion of semi sweet carmel popcorn and carmel.
For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here.

Most carmel taste burned on higher watts this does not. The taste is not really there although it is extra strong. The taste is nice just wish there was more of it. Also the juice is not juicy. It hurts my throat vaping it strait for a long time. I would recommend trying it with a caveat. I think there might be a better carmel popcorn. Going to review the other ones I have soon. This juice is good stuff. But remember to order it extra strong.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently. What carmel popcorns do you recommend? Some juices with carmel taste burt at higher voltages. Is there a reason why?