Going to do quick reviews here is a list of long ones I did

Trying to get through the juice I have to review them. I am no longer going to spend a couple hours reviewing juice, unless I note that I am doing a full review. Probably just do one or two a week.  Leave a comment under any quick review and I will try to do a full review on that juice shortly, if I still have it.
Here is a list of all the full reviews I did here. (under the page break) For most of the juices I reviewed organized by vendor click here.

Tasty Vapor Mahalo Oahu
Vapelicious Maui Blend doubled xtra high wta
Carmel Popcorn from Tasty Vapor Extra Strong
CoV CPN Oriental Plum Clouds of Vapor
COV CPN Toffee Clouds of Vapor
COV CPN Vanilla
COV CPN Slim Mint
Vapelicious Pear High WTA
Turkish Apricot with Extra High WTA from Vapelicious
Menilla Joe from Mr E Liquid
Sin City Vaping Mentol
Cinn-A-Mint from Want 2 Vape
Want2Vape Smokey Clove
Blackberry Lemon Cotton Candy by Smokeanywhereforpennies
Mister-E-Liquid Pomegranate Berry
Tasty Vapor Ultimate Vanilla
The Vapor Room Toasted Tobacco TVR double shot
The Vapor Room Blue Cotton Candy TVR
Alien Visions Flue Cured
VaporBomb Strawberry Waffle
Liquid Xpress Wrath
VaporBomb Lemon
Eminent Vapor Menthos
BackWoods Brew Honey Flue
Clouds of Vapor CPN Waffle
Vixen Vapor Lemon Mint x3 medium mentol with a Rev 2.1
Blackberry Eucalyptus Cough Drops Ms T
Mister-E-Liquid Lemon Ice is the Maxim Girl of Juices
Mister-E-Liquid Laker Blend
Mister-E-Liquid Kamel Hump
Clouds of Vapor COV Cherry Tobacco
German Chocolate Cake Tasty Vapor
Helen's Chocolate Slurry Hot Vapes Big Heart Blend
555 Backwoods Brew
Cherry Tobacco Backwoods Brew
Nhaler Tobaccorilo Octane HV
Nhaler Pomegranate Lung
Nhaler Watermelon Lung
Nhaler Orange Lung
Zebra Stripe Vapor Bomb
Nhaler Octane High Voltage Asian Pear
Nhaler Pear Lung Juice
VaporRenu Bavarian Cream with high caffeine Caffeinated Ejuice does not work
Vixen Vapors Coco Loco with Medium Mentol
Prime 15 by Halo revisited
Melonbacco Backwoods Brew
Sneaky Peach Breeze Smokes
Cherry Lemonade BreezeSmokes
FreedomSmoke from FreedomSmokeUSA
Shade Tobacco from FreedomSmokeUSA
Mellow Sunset from FreedomSmokeUSA
Burley Tobacco FreedomSmokeUSA
Tiger's Blood by Vixen Vapors
Tigger's Blood by Juicy Vapor Revisited
Clouds of Vapor Carmel Cream
Halo Ecig's Malibu Mentol
7 Leaves Ultimate Tobacco FreedomSmokeUSA
Prime 15 by Halo
Freedom SmokesUSA Upwoods
Freedom Smokes USA Rocking Chair
Freedom SmokesUSA Sunrise
Virginia Tobacco from FreedomSmokeUSA
Freedom SmokesUSA Water/Razzel
Freedom SmokesUSA Orange CreamSicle
FreedomSmokeUSA Mango Tea
FreedomSmokeUSA Pink Lemonade
GourmetVapor New Wintergreen Triple Flavor
FreedomSmokeUSA Strawberry Licorice
Vixen Vapors Vanilla Bean triple strength with Arctic Blast Mentol
Vapealicious Gold Rush
Ginger Bread Vapealicious Juice
Freedom SmokesUSA Mint Sample Pack
Freedom SmokesUSA Pepperment
Freedom Smokes USA Limbermint
Freedom Smokes USA Minted Water
Freedom Smokes USA Razzlemint
Freedom Smokes USA Double Mint Gum
Dex's 5.0 Vape
French Toast Juicy Vapor
Gummy Bearz from Juicy Vapors
Dragon Fruit from Juicy Vapors
Wake N Vape from Juicy Vapors
Juicy Vapor Candy Cane
Juicy Vapors Luck No 7 Tobacco
Juicy Vapor Prickly Pear Lemonade
Ecto Plasma Juicy Vapor
Oba Oba from Juicy Vapor
Juicy Vapor Tigger's Blood
Juicy Vapor Jager Bomb
Clouds Of Vapor ButterScotch

Too see full reviews organized by vendors but might be missing some click here