Liquid Xpress Honey Flue Cured

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18 MG 

Nice in theory. It is kind of Dry but not overly dry. But not when I tried it. Taste a bit nutty the honey is weak and leaves a strange taste when I excale.

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4.2 Watts    3 semi sweet, nutty, and dry
6.2 Watts    3.5 same as above
8.2 Watts    4.5 More off the off honey taste, still dry, and with a hint of nuts
10.2 Watts  6 The nutes and honey fuse a bit. Still to dry.
12.7 Watts  7 No burned taste. Strange honey taste fused with nuts.

For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here.

This juice is to dry for me and the honey is not right. I am not going to buy this again and trade the bottles I have of it with a warning.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently but is there any mix where this juice actually tastes okay?