Liquid Xpress Review

UPDATE: I traded for two samples of honey flue cured it has a different color and taste totally different the the flue cured sample I got from Rob. Maybe the flue cured is a newer version of the honey flue cured. Would say different batch. But a benefit from Liquid Xpress is they mix their juices with chemicals not flavor extracts, so all batches are constant. The juice is a different color and taste totally different from what I got from Rob in a sample that said Flue Cured than the two sample bottles labeled honey flue cured. Thanks for being so nice and giving samples. Will upload a pic if there is any more questioning. He might be mad that I misrepresented the juices. I am still sure they are different juices. I do my best. No harm is intended. Anyways flue cured is amazing. Not sure if that is the new recipe. I do not taste the strange honey taste. But that might be an update where he uses a more subtle natural honey flavor. Anyways, I felt I should update this post.  

  I like in your face strong flavors in my ejuice. Liquid Xpress does do that :( I have tried 7 of their juices. 2 really impressed me but the rest had something wrong with them. The two that impressed me where vague flavors but from what I could taste amazing. Rob is really nice in person but not so nice in email :( I have honey flue cured. It is way different from their flue cured. I have both, so it is absurd to say they are the same. Tried to find out if they still sell flue cured or double their flavors and I got a negative response. :( Guess there is only one juice they currently sell that I like.
      Liquid Xpress berry tobacco is amazing. Just wish it was stronger. Despite how they treat me I might give money to a friend to order some berry tobacco, so I have it for when I want a more muted flavor. All in all their juices flavors are too muted to buy more or trade for more of their stuff other than the berry tobacco.
These are the 7 Juices I have tried from them.  
honey flue tobacco 18 mg 3 ml
flue cured tobacco 9 mg 3 ml

See what I said above the links are clickable to get to the reviews. Remember everyone taste ejuice differently, so try their stuff if you want to. Except for the Berry Tobacco, I don't think Liquid Xpress is the vendor for me.