Maple Rum VaporBomb

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12 MG 50 PG/ 50 VG
Not a big maple fan. But this juice is an exception. It takes the cheap rum taste from Jamaican Rum makes it taste way different. So good that I spent the last day just vaping this great ejuice. The juice is in your face flavor. It is not dry or juicy. It taste like a top self aged rum. It is semi sweet but not too sweet. This is an amazing juice.

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4.2 Watts    3 It has a semi sweet maple with aged rum taste.
6.2 Watts    4.5 Aged rum fusion with semi sweet maple.
8.5 Watts    6 Toasty woody aged rum that fuses with non sweet maple.
10.2 Watts 7 Toasty woody aged rum and spices fuses more with a balanced maple.
12.7 Watts  8 Amazing fusion between the rum taste and maple. It taste woody and with spices. It is amazing. Great fusion that tastes amazing.

For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here.

Not sure how they do this. It taste totally different then their Jamaican Rum. It tastes like top self alcohol. Great woody spicy taste. It is not too sweet. I am ordering more. I highly recommend this juice.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently. Is anyone mixing this juice with another that gives great results? Any other juices you know of that taste like top shelf alcohol?

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