Tasty Vapor Mahalo Oahu

12 MG 80 PG/ 20 VG

After reviewing my new favorite ejuice Maui Blend, I decided to try Tasty Vapor's Version. I am a big Tasty Vapor fan. Their Vanilla if my favorite Vanilla but this juice is a not their best. It has all the attributes in tropical fruit punch instead of just the best tastes in Vapelicious Maui Blend. TastyVapor describes this juice as
Because we were so inspired by our visit to Oahu, the sights, the smells, the fruit, the people...We thought that it would be proper to make a tributary liquid. And so here it is. A complex blend of tropical flavors with some "extras" to enhance the flavor. A perfect vape for summer weather and if you just happen to be on the beach, sipping a coctail and listening to Keili'i Reichel, you're going to be in heaven on the first hit! Enjoy and Mahalo Oahu! *Sweetener Highly Recommended* **One Week Steeping Time Recommended**
I got it with sweetener and I let it steep for over a month.  It is slightly dry but not too dry. Don't get me wrong I sent this in a goodie bag to a couple of people before I got Vapelicious Maui Blend because I thought it was good and interesting flavor. It is one of the best tropical punch flavored ejuices out there but it is no Maui Blend.

For the Vapor Production Key and how I rate E Juice click here 

4.2 Watts    4 It has a sweet citrusy mixt with tangy pineapple and a hint of melon and coconut
8.2 Watts    6 The flavors citrus and tangy pineapple, coconut and melon all seem to fuse together. The Coconut is a bit over powering here but the melon stays just a hint.
12.7 Watts  7 Warm coconut over powers the interesting fusion of citrus and tangy pineapple. The hint of mellon goes away.
For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here.

I enjoy coconuts many times a week. But I have yet to find a coconut vape I like. It isn't as bad as nut vapes to me but I don't like having it in my vape. It is much better for me at a lower wattage because the coconut flavoring stays as just a hint down there. So if you are a low wattage vaper this juice might be for you. If you like coconuts in your ejuice and want a tropical juice this juice might be for you. I can't recommend this juice because I think Vapelicious Maui Blend is the best tropical ejuice, if not the best ejuice.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently. What is your favorite tropical ejuice? Why do I really like coconuts and coconuts milk but I can't stand the flavor in my ejuice? Is there a way to maintain the flavor of a juice at a low wattage but get the performance of high wattage vaping?