WTA is the future

There has been alot of insanity in regards to WTA. Mostly fear mongering by clueless people on forums and podcast. All I have to say is I have been vaping extra high WTA juice from Vapealicious all day and I am still alive. While I don't feel the same relaxation or completeness as smoking an anolog. I do feel something. I still vape like a research monkey but a little less. This is the first generation of WTA. I expected more but I am happy with what I feel. I have a ton of juice. Not going to give it all away to get WTA juice yet. But maybe the next generation of WTA might bring that reaction.
I am just saying I have been vaping WTA all day and I am still alive :P Try it if you still have urges to smoke. I am going to be posting a first look at two flavors I was given samples of at my small juice review site later tonight. It is just a sad state of affairs with the luddite type of reaction to this advance. It is the future IMHO.