Kentucky Vanilla from Vermillion River Ejuice

UPDATE: I need to try them again but still added this juice to the list of ejuices I did not care for.
UPDATE: Everyone has different taste. The Customer service at Vermillion River is great. They refunded me and asked to just give what I have left of the samples to an other vaper. They did not double the flavor because they couldn't because is a natural extract. If you like more subdued tastes but stronger tastes then BWB give them a try.
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10 MG
I am a big vanilla fan. These are two of my favorite vanillas here and here. I previously mentioned my fondness for toasted tobaccos here. This is juice has vanilla and a toasty tobacco flavors. I should be in high heven. Unfortunately, I am not. I asked if they can make the flavor extra strong and in 10 mg. Because they usually make there juice in only 20mg. They made this juice 10mg but I don't think they increased the strength :(. I hear great things about the strong flavor of this vendor. Unfortunately my sample is not that strong :(. It taste a little stronger then BWB juices which taste like flavored water to me. But it is far from the taste of tobaccos from W2V, FSUSA, and many others. I only let this juice steep for a couple of days. That might be it but I don't think it is. I am disappointed and I want to send the juice back at this point. A vendor known for in your face flavors should not have done this. Maybe I got a bad batch or something. Not sure. But got 3 other flavors and they all are extremely muted. I will update this if the flavors get stronger with time or I exchange them for a stronger batch. The great flavor is there. But it could be there more then twice the amount. :( This juice is not dry or juicy. For a tobacco bend it is nice. 
I am not going to go through the wattages now in hopes that I can exchange the juice or it will get better with age.
I am pissed. I had high hopes for this juice but it is way too vague. If you want to try for your self you can get a free sample with shipping. These are the instructions at the site.

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I know that everyone taste ejuice differently, so take my review with a grain of salt. Is anyone mixing this juice with another that gives great results? Like the graph? Please give any feed back on the graph here. Do you like the old style graph I did back here better or the 3 graphs here?

This is a quick review to see my full reviews and to know more what a quick review is click here.