Reo Grand is a POS with terrible customer service

UPDATE: I wore this mod out I used it so much. So much so that I bought another reo grand. I was wrong and I am only keeping this as a link because I don't want to go all 1984 and rewrite my history. This was a big issue for me but it has been fixed completely.
NEW UPDATE Everything worked out. I have been using the mod for over a year. Check out the crazy use on it.  I recommend getting this mod for anyone thinking about a ecig mod.
Update:Just heard back now. Hope it was just a lemon. But strange that it took 5 days since I first tried contacting him to hear back. Going to send the mod back. Hopefully it there will all work out. I will update with the info.
   The Reo Grand is supposed to be well made. Mine died in under 30 days. I paid alot to get high voltage bottom feeder that I though was well buit and well serviced. I chose a Reo Grand. It was one of the bigest mistakes that I have made. It is supposed to last a life time but mine died in less then 30 days. It was not from a user error. It was a problem with the mod.
    The atty that supposedly shorted the Reo works fine on my  Darwin. When I added that info to this thread it got deleted. Think that it was not the attys fault that the Reo shorted is important information. Today is the 5th day that I tried to contact him for a warrantee repair. I emailed him through the site and even sent a pm. The maker has other forum posting activity so is not on vacation.
    I really like HV on a bottom feeder.  Think my options are a Sarge VV and a GLV 3. Any reports on customer service on them? They both seem like they provide excellent customer service but I thought Reo did so any feed back will be great.
   In an industry that has great customer service it is surprising that the Reo people sold me a lemon and have been ignoring me. Evolv, Madvapes, GoodprophetsVixen Vapors, Vermillion RiverVirgin Vapors and many others are companies that have amazing customer service thanks.
  If I don't get this resolved by the end of the week I am going to send this POS back to them and try to reveres charges. That is the correct way to deal with it right? It is a worthless lemon that broke with in 30 days of use.
  I highly advise everyone not to get a Reo. The customer service is terrible, the mod breaks for no reason. There are alternatives. Avoid my pain and frustration.