EcoPure Juice Krystal question

UPDATE: Strange I never heard but from them. I think the Aroma base is superior. (review where I think the bases makes an amazing juice even better) Great customer service there. If it is sold out email him I am sure he can tell you when more will be available.
I have tried EcoPure Rich, EcoPure mentol, and EcoPure. EcoPure is the only version that is not too dry for me. I have tried the EcoPure Rich with toffee. (site that sells it) It is really really dry and the flavor is not that strong. I am really enjoying the Virgin Vapors juice that has EcoPure in it. I reviewed the EcoPure Carmel Cream here.  I emailed the maker and she informed me that she uses EcoPure Krystal. It seems like it is just the ecopure nic base. I taste a flavor enchantment from it. Is it like ecopure in that in enhances flavors. Why does virgin vapor sell just 100 vg ecopure if they are using the Krystal? Strange. Anyways figured someone might know what is up. I cross posted this in the question section at ECF.