EcoPure Menthol

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25 MG 100 VG
I am a big menthol fan. I add menthol crystals (in a form of DIY menthol drops) some of my favorite ejuices. I get Vixen's choice of Arctic mentol in my Tigers Blood and other flavors.  Mr E's extra mentol Cognac Fire (link to the site, it was so good I vaped it all before i could review it ) and Sin City Vaping Mentol are my favorites. I really enjoy EcoPure. To the degree that it is the base of one of my favorite ejuices. But this juice is even dryer than Cignots EcoPure English Toffee. It is so dry it feels like sand paper to my throat in a bad way. At 25 watts it taste like minty mentally goodness with the yum hint I taste in eco pure but it is way way too dry still. I am not going to go through the watts because this ejuice hurts to vape. There is a reason I gave the bottle to someone and just kept a little bit to steep and see if it gets better and to review. It has been sitting in the small bottle for several months and just got dryer with time. Vaping almost pure menthol drops (1/2 mentol cristals 1/2 PG shaken and given time to the menthol crystals dissolve) Even with this cooling vape I still feel remnants of the burn the dry Menthol EcoPure caused :(. Last time I tried this juice the dry burn it caused could still be vaguely felt a couple of days later.

This Ejuice is not for me. If you like really dry ejuice than you might like this juice. Has a great taste just way too dry for me. I am a menthol fan but this juice causes long lasting pain to my throat. If you don't taste the difference between dry and juicy ejuice try it but might make you start noticing. Virgin Vapors Carmel Cream is one of the moistest juices I have found and it taste great and has eco pure. I will try a Virgin Vapors Mentol with EcoPure. It might be the juicy yummy menthol I have been looking for.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently, so take my review with a grain of salt. Is anyone mixing this juice with another that gives great results? Found my Carmel CreamButterscotchWafflePearHawaiian Punch, Berry and White Chocolate FussionVanillaCranberry, and Maple Rum. It would be nice to find a great mentol. MrE's extra mentol Cognac Fire  and Sin Citys Vaping Mentol are my favorites. But wondering if there is something better out there. This ejuice tastes sublime just way way way too dry, I am curious if there is something this yummy that is moist?

This is a quick review to see my full reviews and to know more what a quick review is click here.