VirginVapor Mango Mint Julep EcoPure extra extra strong

I am going to come back to this flavor in another month. After the amazing carmel cream I figured I will be safe loading up the 3 ml Mad Vapes tank with Mango Mint Julep with out trying it in an atty first. Good thing I filled it only half way. I got this juice extra extra strong and the mint flavor tastes that strong but the Mango is barely there. Hope after another month it will get there. Virgin Vapors describes this juice as. 
Our Organic Mango Mint Julep has been a consistent best seller ever since its creation. It's hard to describe just how fresh and delicious this flavor is! It perfectly balances the sweet, juicy taste of mango with the tingle of mint. Sweet and refreshing, this flavor adds a new taste sensation for our many customers who love mint flavor in their e-liquids
Hope it gets better. Almost unvapable now. :( Just figured I should give a warning because their carmel cream amazing IMHO. I would not get this juice. Maybe it is a sleeper. But it is not great right now. Sorry for the people that already ordered. Hope you can change it. I had lots of hope for this juice. It might prove me wrong.
Going to empty the tank in another bottle and fill it with Virgin Vapors Sweet Summer Lemonade. It taste amazing in my atty hope it taste the same in the tank. Think this juice might replace my favorite 
Vaporbomb Lemonade, think this juice might replace that just like how Vaporbomb Lemonade replaced Mr E Lemon Ice.   Stay tuned.