DeKang Health Pear Worth the Bang for the Buck IMHO

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11 MG 70 PG 30 VG I think 
In life you generally get what you pay for. I find this true with ejuice but their are some exceptions. This is one of them. DeKang juices are cheap ejuices from china. I have tried over 15 of them and I think this one is the best.  You can see the flavors I have tried here. It is a bit cheaper than Pha℞mboy Poached Pear  which I think is better but way cheaper than the other strait pear flavors I have tried like Vapelicious PearNhalers Pear Lung juice and Nhaler Octane High Asian pear. Dekang does not use of the self flavoring and make the flavors though chemistry. If you chose to get it there is a large discusion of fake DeKangs out there because they are the best China ejuice and alot of people make knock offs that do not taste the same. (So read the ECF tread on it.) It is about as strong as  Pha℞mboy Poached Pear  where the 1x is stronger than Vapelicious Pear, and Nhalers Pear Lung juice. Same strength as Nhaler Octane High Asian pear and it is is not as strong flavored as Vapelicious Pear x2. I would like it stronger. The ejuice is a bit dry but not too dry to vape like EcoPure Menthol.

For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here. To see what I find juicy click here.

The vapor and unique taste on this is amazing. It is up to you to see if Vapelicious Pear is worth it. I think Pha℞mboy Poached Pear is defiantly worth it but has additional goodness added to the Pear flavor which might not be for everyone. For the price I would try it. I wish it was stronger favor and not as dry but for its price it is amazing. I don't know the ratio but it is pg based. The vapor of this juice is better than any PG based juice I have tried.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently, so take my review with a grain of salt. Is anyone mixing this juice with another that gives great results? Like the graph? Please give any feed back on the graph here. Do you like the old style graph I did back here better or the 3 graphs here? What are your favorite Pear Ejuices?

This is a quick review to see my full reviews and to know more what a quick review is click here.