Berry Berry x8 by Vixen Vapors

I previously reviewed the juice here. I said it was not as tart as VS Blackberry which is true. But tons of mentol and tons of flavoring makes this juice amazing. It is no longer on the dry side. It is juicy and yummy and full of flavor. I let it steep for a month after making it with the DIY flavoring they sell. Now it is my all day vape. Goes great in tanks and my joye 510 t stealth mod which mute flavors. It is amazing in atties. At 3x it is just okay but at 8x it is amazing. Make sure to give it a month and don't worry about how many mentol crystals you add because the flavoring makes them great. I did 1/3 mentol crystals. I have just been vaping this ejuice all day for the past month figured I should revaluate the juice. The flavor fusion and vapor production is the same in the graph in my pervious review but the juiciness and the enjoyment are alot more. Even the TH is a bit more. :) Vixen Vapors has done it again. If you are a first time customer please email me at AJY dot Aaron at G (no space) mail dot com before you register. All it will give you is good karma but it will make my day :) I cycle between this juice and Vixen Tiger blood in 8x too as my all day vapes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.