Cafe Mocha BWB Backwoods Brew fails again

12 MG born on 2/8/11
This juice has spent over a year steeping. I got it when I first started vaping. I actually taste a little better then it did when I first got it. It still tastes like water downed dry cardboard with chocolate syrup and coffee grounds. For a great coffee ejuice go with carmel cappuccino  from Vixen. Except for malty and malty toffee I have been really disappointed with BWB. I think this flavor is fail just like their Mellonbbaco. I have given this juice over a year I high high hopes for it but it is terrible. This juice is dry and does not taste like a coffe that I will enjoy. The chocolate tasting like bad chocolate syrup does not help.

I used a surgetank and a 2.2 ohm 510 atty for this review.
For different watts just ask to find your watts uses OHMS law or the link I provided in the how I rate my ejuice. Numbers signify vapor production. They correspond to the vapor production key here. To see what I find juicy click here.

This juice is terrible. There are great coffee flavors out there but this it not one of them. It is dry and weak flavored. It has a strange cardboard and syrup taste :( I don't recommend it at all. Try one of my current favorite ejuices instead. This is one of the worst ejuice I have tried. It is worse then Halo Prime 15 to me which is hard to do.

I know that everyone taste ejuice differently, so take my review with a grain of salt. Is anyone mixing this juice with another that gives great results? Like the graph? Please give any feed back on the graph here. Do you like the old style graph I did back here better or the 3 graphs here?