I am going to give the Reo Grand another chance

Update: Click here to see my new LP SL Reo Grand. 

UPDATE: I am glad I did. I got it back and it works great. Glad I sent it back. I guess I was just having really bad luck.
I previously posted a negative review of the Reo Grand. It turns out the Reo guy was busy and nice to me even though he seems to have bad timing with me. He responded a day after I wrote that he was ignoring me in a review. He also messaged me a day after I wrote this comment after canceling my Reo from being sent in for repairs. I am believing that I just have bad luck and everything will work out.
Unfortunately, the aluminum foil fix stopped working last week and the unit is totally dead. It is warranted up to 6 months so while it is still under 5 months I am going to send it back.  Hopefully I was too hard on him and everything will work out.
I figure I am going to give him another chance because so many people have great experiences with there reo. I  lost a month in the world of Skyrim. Don't worry I am back now and start posting again regularly. Sorry about that. I even did a review earlier today. :)
Skyrim is just so so addictive but finally I beat all the main and 2nd tier quests and I am done for a while because although killing dragons and clearing dungeons is fun it is just 1s and 0s and there is more to life. I was almost lost but luckily I swore it off for a while.
I found some new favorite ejuices and I am going to share them with you later. Sopapallas from Vixen Vapor is one of them.
I hope things work out with the Reo. I stopped going to ECF chat because I assumed everyone was a reo shill because they where happy with their Reos. I want to go back maybe I just got bad luck.  If you want to read opposing views and reason I canceled my shipment the first time read check out the thread I started on ECF.