Surge Tank short review First Impressions

Update: It still amazes me after a month of use. You can see pics of it on my Darwin here.
You can see it on a evic if you click here
You can see it on a vamo if you click here.
You can see it on my GLV 2 XL if you click here
Here is it on a joye ego. 
It looks great on my Alpha Ultra Max.

I just got the Surge Tank from JCModTronics-- it is amazing. I have been following the thread at ECF wanting one for over half a year. I got one at the LA vapemeet yesterday and wow. It is all I hoped for and more. It turns any mod into a bottom feeder. it feeds better then the reo which is amazing. Just a small pressure feeds most atties. So far I have tried 3 different 510 ones. I need to try a 306 , I06, and some cartos. Maybe even try some 901 and 801 with a shorty adapter.  I will try those soon and update. The catch cup is really big and it seems really well crafted. It comes with a 2 year warrantee; if there is a problem but this tank feels like it is bomb proof.
Here are two different video review one from Pup at from LAVapersClub and one from Basilray. They seem to have trouble with the bottles. I have not had that problem yet. JCModTronics is going to sell a bottle that probably squeezes better but I have been no trouble with bottles yet or through my bottle provider(make sure you count the caps and droppers when you order from them).
This is what the 6ml surge tank looks like

There is also a two toned one that is a bit heavier, a little more expensive. But it looks different and is limited.

It is a great mod. Exactly what I have been looking for. I recommend this for all. It is cheaper then any metal mod bottom feeding mod and it can make my darwin or any vv mod a bottom feeder. You can only get it now right now by sending a message to Ripplespeed at ECF. I don't know how many units the first run is but I am sure they will go fast. 
I have tried the Drip on Demand and Vapemate. This feeding system is perfect and what I have been looking for.