Fuzion Vapor Interesting new take on Ejuice

Update I did a video Review of the Edge at 2x and a review of Hadoken here.
Over at ECF Search 66 contacted me to tell him what I think about a new ejuice company that he created. Search66 has commented on some of the threads that I cross-posted my reviews on ECF. He seems to like the same flavors I like but he likes them at a lot lower strength 1x instead of 8x. I was expecting really vague flavors like VS Blackberry but his juices are not too watered down, for me. :) They could be stronger but I am surprised how good they are. They steeped for less than a week but it is national vaping day so figured today is a great day to give my impressions.

The Edge 
It tastes like interesting berry combo that has a tart bite. I think it is a step up from Vixen's Berry Berry. It remains juicy at high wattages. It has an amazing berry fusion on the inhale and exhale. It has no syrup or flower taste. "The Edge" is just tart berry goodness. I highly recommend trying this juice.

Chuck Norris Blood

It is a bit too sweet for me but has a nice white chocolate and berry taste. It fuses well together. I think Vixen's Tiger Blood is better, which gave way more time to steep, so that might be it. If you want more white chocolate flavor then try it. It gets a bit dry at high wattages but remains juicy at lower wattages. I am going to wait a couple of weeks to see how it taste after it steeps before I can recommend but I can recommend it to white chocolate lovers now.

Mr Miyagi
I don't believe that you absorb anything from vaping vitamins (ecf comment) but the taste on this is amazing. It is really hard to get dark chocolate vapes right. There is an amazing fusion of gram cracker dark chocolate and some other yummy baked good. It is a bit sweet but not too. It is sort of juicy at high wattages. At 12.7 watts there is no burned taste but at 30 watts it starts to taste a bit burnt and it is unvapeable at 50 watts. It is the best dark chocolate juice I have tried. I recommend this juice in a small bottle to try. It is unique. Unlike "The Edge" which is the biggest size bottle worthy IMHO. This juice is interesting. Try a small bottle and see what you think.

In full discloser I was sent these juices for free in 3ml bottles. They where not big enough for my surge tank :( but it was great to try these interesting juices. I want to try more flavors of theirs. They rotate weekly juices on sale. I will get another bottle of The Edge when it goes on sale. Their juices are unique. I highly recommend them. Great work Search 66 you pleasantly surprised me.