How WTA (whole tobacco Alkaloids) from Aroma Ejuice Feels to me

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I am going to talk about WTA from Aroma. To read what I think of Vapalicious version read my review here or the ECF thread here.

There is alot of fear mongering about WTA. I use it. I bought some and I am really impressed I am buying more. I am already running low on P 38 and there are new flavors that I want to try. Despite having soo much ejuice that I probably can't vape it all before it goes bad, I am buying more. I have no clue on the long term health effects. I think it is harmless but I am no doctor or scientist. I have been to the doctor since and got xray and MRI (I am a cancer survivor) and everything looks fine. All I know is;

1. It provides a calming effect like an analog that I don't feel as much with regular ejuice.
2. I end up vaping less with WTA. (4ml a day down to 2-3 ml a day)
3. It removes my cravings for analogs better then my previous method of looking at list of what I paid for to vape.
4. I can go alot longer even hours with out vaping.
5. It makes me feel really good. (like the buzz after a beer)
It is no miracle cure for insomnia or makes me see pink elephants but it does the 5 things I listed above. To some it might cure insomnia and do other things. For me it does not.
As with everything, use at your own risk. I just think it is way better then smoking. It has helped me stay of analogs for over a year.