Menthol P-38 from Aroma Ejuice with WTA

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18 MG 
    For over a year, I have been searching for a toasty menthol ejuice. I finally found it with the P-38. The menthol taste is more complex than just menthol crystals, yet it does not have the minty or chlorine tastes like other menthol ejuice. That I have unfortunately or tried. It is unique in an amazing way. It tastes like toasted menthol that fuses with the tobacco notes wonderfully. The mentol to P-38 uses tastes like a wintergreen menthol blend. It has just the good woody and minty tones of wintergreen. It is stange what some swindlers are pushing as wintergreen.  Luckily, P-38 does not have the candy aspects of other wintergreen juices.
    The tobacco base is amazing too. It just has the pleasant tobacco flavor. The tobacco base has the complexity and good taste of extracted tobacco with the cleanness of tobacco flavoring. Unlike most tobacco flavoring there is no mystery nut or floral notes.  I am not sure which method Aroma uses, other than it works.
    Aroma naturally extracts there nicotine with WTA.  It adds a pleasant taste that adds to the tobacco taste. Most people say nicotine is tasteless but I disagree whole heartily. I recommend tring some of there unflavored with WTA to get an idea of what a good base should taste like. Hopefully, I will get a chance to describe it later. It is amazing like the ECOpure Krystal base (with WTA and amazing Customer Service) than the inferior RTS, MFS, and GV/Box Elder (no link for your safety) that I have tried. I think the quality of the base makes a big difference with ejuice.
    My previous favorite menthol tobacco was Sin City Menthol. Menthol P-38 blows that and the other flavors I have tasted out of the water. P-38 has WTA too, which you can read about here. The ejuice has amazing vapor, great throat hit, and good flavor levels. I like tons of flavor this juice has alot. But next time I might see if they do 2X. I am crazy flavor person though I like 8X stuff but this stuff holds up to even the 8Xs, I have tried. The flavor handles high wattage surprisingly well. I tried it up to 55 watts and there was no burn taste. P-38 is juicy at low wattages and moist at high wattages. It tastes what I wish menthol analog cigarets tasted like. Just as the plane P-38 helped America win many battles in WW2, this ejuice will help anyone overcome their battle against analogs.

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I am going to add this juice to my favorite ejuice of the moment list. There is no menthol tobacco in the league with juice. I highly recommend it. It is beyond amazing. It has the complex notes of a good extraction with an unique menthol blend, which fuses wonderfully together. This juice is a must try IMHO.

I know that everyone tastes ejuice differently, so take my review with a grain of salt.