This is a picture of the Reo grand I am currently using

UPDATE: Video of the new Reo Button
This is what it looks like with out the filters in Iphoto.
Just playing around with the New Ipad I got. I changed the colors with iPhoto on my iPad. It looks interesting this way. I am using a extra long pyrex DT from theecig.com. The atty is a 306 cisco. It is hitting like a champ at above 60 watts now. ( I usually vape alot lower but atties lower in ohm before they die) It has lasted for over a month. I can highly recommend it. (not any more because there last batch seemed to fall apart on me and my friend) I had some bad luck with the Reo Grand at first but I think that the problem I had is rare. I recommend it.
My GLV xl is alot bigger but it looks cool too IMHO.