Virgin Vapor Sale

UPDATE: Check out their Memorial Day Sale.
UPDATE: The sale is now over. I still recommend from Virgin Vapor:  Creme Carmel and Sweet Summer Lemonade. Two of my all day fruity vapes. :)
Update: I only got 15.60 off a 123 bucks of juice. Not exactly 20 percent :( but a good one day sale anyways. I got alot of sample packs that might be the reason.
One day only 20 percent off NVD20They have an EcoPure option for a sublime taste. Two of my favorite Juices are from Virgin VaporCreme Carmel and Sweet Summer Lemonade. These are two juices that are on my favorites. But watch out their Mango Mint Julep is still tasting strange to me. Click on there add or here and I get a small cut. They rarely have sales and this one is a good one. But don't spend all your money. I already did the graph for P-38 with WTA from Aroma Ejuice and it is amazing.  I have yet to try here tobaccos but Vita Bella from GoodeJuice is my favorite tobacco