Aroma ejuice Virginia Blend with WTA

Update How Aroma Ejuice WTA makes me feel 
Update: Good things come to those who wait. This juice steeped more and I am getting way more of the smoky toasty flavor and not as much flowers. don't know if I am going to edit the video now. Took over a month to mature but the taste now is way better IMHO.

The video will be posted soon here is the transcript.

This Virginia Blend has a similar clean crisp that their WTA have. To read more about what I think of Aroma Ejuice's WTA check out what I wrote on it.  It has sweet floral notes. They go down with higher voltage and more steeping. The vapor is nice. The juice isn't as good as there P-38 that Aroma ejuice makes IMHO. The sweet floral notes go with the tobacco notes and smoky taste.
At 3.7 V the juice is at the sweetest the interesting fusion of flavors in there but just a hint because the smoky almost tobacco notes does not develop as fully yet.
At 6 V the juice is not a sweet and the fusion increases alot. But at 7.4 V the flavors really shine and the yummy fusion of smoky and toasty notes blend with it.
I think Aroma Ejuice really got the base down. It you like a sweeter more floral taste than I recommend trying it. This is not the P-38 but no ejuice really compares.