Darwin Review the first VW ecig mod

Here is a cool pick of the darwins in many colors. 
I sold this mod after using it for over a year. To see the ecigs I use now click here.

The Darwin is the best PV out there. It does VW and the battery last for days. The interface is intuitive and the battery indicator is amazing. 

I have used the mod for almost a year and I can say it is the best mod in the market for it time. 
The down side is it is always sold out and expensive. However I is worth the cost and more.  
In the pic it has a surge tank on it. Making it a bottom feeder. It looks funny but it is amazing. I highly recommend it.

The drip tip is a pyrex dt from theecig. It shows when an atty is about to die. I cycle them when they are about to die so they last months not weeks. These last two 306 atties are cisco but using that trick they have so far survived over 2 months at extremely high wattage which is great. 

The Darwin can change Wattage on the fly. You can find the flavor you want for the juice with out pressing a lot of buttons, changing batteries, or atties. 

Despite what other fear it charges open. I wish the charging indicator was better. Instead you have to focus on the light where a slight change in light to discover the darwin is charging. 

The form is interesting. It closes very easily. It is not perfect there is an opening so juice can get into the insides. The customer service at Evolv is amazing. Send them a email and they get back with in the hour. It took less then a week to get the unit back each time I sent it. Last time they totally replaced the unit. They gave me a new screen, internals, and battery. The V2 has a blue screen which is amazing. I just wish the Variable Watts could go alot higher. I think after vaping for almost a year and a half I might have graduated passed it. But if you vape at under 12.7 watts you could not have a better unit for the time. 
I highly recommend the Darwin for the time. The vamo and the Joye Evic have fetures that the darwin does not have but came out years after the Darwin.
   The unit works great. The customer service is out of this world. I am waiting patently to see what Evolv does next.