ECOpure Regular

The video will be posted soon here is the transcript.

ECOpure is made by Intellicig. It is an expensive base that Virgin Vapor and others use to make flavors Pop like in their Creme Carmel and heavily Pomegranate mix.  I got it from Cignots. I tried the ECOpure intellicig mixes and mixed my own from their Krystal mix mixed with VG. I noticed the ECOpure Regular they sell has more of a throat hit slightly while the ECOpure that I mixed from the Krystal has more of a flavor. That might be from not shaking the bottles enough even though I did that. The taste is crisp and refreshing. Like bitting down on a wafer. Semi sweet. The TH is out of this world. It is even really strong on the stuff I mixed.
It is not as dry and has a crisper taste then the menthol version.

Using 3.7 V batteries I got a slightly sweeter version. The vapor was still amazing.
At 6 V I tasted less sweetness the throat hit was a bit more and at 7.4 V There was more fusion.

I recommend it. It has an amazing TH and a interesting taste. I think juices made with it like Virgin Vapor's Creme CarmelLemonade, and Pomegranate makes the juices really shine. If you want to get ECOpure by itself try Cignots if you want ECOpure mixed with flavors try Virgin Vapors. ECOpure should be tried and enjoyed by all IMHO.