Blaze Ecig interesting starter kits and a great Ecigars

UPDATE check out the second look video and the pic of the ecigar with the top off.
The market is flooded with ecigs. Most of them are not that great. The Blaze Ecigs are a great start. They perform better then the 7-11 ecig, Chinese ecigs, and even the joye 510 and the joye ego with out LR atties. Also they are less fuss then the others I mentioned. I think they are a great starter kit for an occasional smoker.
I use a Reo Grand and a GLV XL with a surge. They cost at least 10 times more then them. I think they are worth it especially at 7.4 V :P I was sent a deluxe kit a replacement  and their disposable Ecigar for the purpose to review. I am not an affilate or in any way associated with the company.

The Disposable Cigar they sell is amazing. My friend  (I found the same thing) opened it and found a disposable ecig in the casing. I don't find a problem with that. The casing is nice to hold and the taste is amazing. It is a great gift to my cigar smoking friends and relatives. I just wish the price was lower. I have seen disposable ecigars sell for 1/2 as much. It preforms great and tastes good. I have not tried the cheaper ones but I think this one is worth the price.
Like the Cigar their Deluxe Kit hits like a 5V device. The flavored carotos that come with it taste okay. I wish they sold the Cigar flavored in refill packs. The Menthol flavor taste like mint candy while their Tobacco flavor taste a bit sweet and like mistery nut. Wish they had a cigar flavored perfilled cartos.
Their cartos last almost a day and I am a 3.5ml a day vapor at 12 mg or 18 mg. Their juice is 24 mg so it might be that.  It is also annoying to have only one battery where I have to use another device to vape when it charges. It is less then 4 bucks a day to use. Which is alot cheaper then the 2 packs a day I used to smoke. But it is alot for ejuice and I think vaping high quality WTA ejuice might be a better way to people off analogs for around the same price. 
The prefilled carto get hot and burnt my lips a bit. I did not have that problem with their ecigar. I tried a couple different drip tips but they did not fit because they are not 510 standard and made the ecig lose its cool analog like look.
Anyways going to buy a couple disposable ecigars to give out despite their high price. I was really impressed with it. I think that they have something great with those. Wish they can figure out a way to make a rechargeable ecigar.
The stores that carry them seem to be in the east cost. There packs are cigarette vendor friendly the same size as Marlboros and Camels packs. I think for someone starting out they are a great choice.