Darjim Black Clove WTA from Aroma Ejuice

This ejuice is going on to my favorite juices list. It is that good. I have tried many cloves but nothing like this.

It just has a hint of cinnamon instead of the other way around. So vague if I wasn't looking for it you would not taste it. It tastes like the clove spice with woody tones. It has a hint of sweetness which goes down at higher voltages.

At 3.7 V
The vapor is okay. The juice is semi sweet here. The woody clove taste is there but not as developed as  at the higher voltages.

At 6 V
The Vapor becomes amazing. The juice is a bit less sweet. The woody clove taste becomes more developed.

At 7.4 V
The juice gives Clouds of Vapor. The juice is only a hint sweet here. The fusion of the wood and the clove is amazing here. Mind blowing full clove taste.

I highly recommend this juice. I wish I found it when I first started vaping. It is great at all voltages but the best at higher. It is defiantly unique like Aroma's P-38 the great mentol ejuice Aroma makes. The WTA with the clove taste is a great combo.  The crispness of the Aroma base with the great flavor makes this juice a must have IMHO. To see the video review I did of the amazing juice click here.