Hadoken from Fuzion Vapor the carbonated ejuice

I have vaped hundreds of ejuices and I never tasted a carbonated taste till this one. It is unique and yummy. It has a citrus taste that is unique. I tried it at 3.7, 6, and 7.4 V on a cisco 3.5 ohm and a 3 ohm cisco atty. The juice is slightly sweeter on the lower voltages, while it has a greater fusion at higher voltages.  The carbonated taste is faint it could be stronger. It is probably from a combination of citrus flavors. I get a 7-UP mixed with and Orange Fanta taste. The menthol is very light. It is almost undetectable. I think the juice tastes better with some Koolaid added to it. You can get that at TPA. But I like really strong menthol, so the juice might be perfect for people that like just a hint of menthol.
Fuzion Vaper describes it as this here

Menthol blasted lemon-lime.Nothing could be more boring than a lemon-lime flavored menthol.  After some fuzion tweaking, however, I think this eliquid is ready for some Street Fighting.  There’s a sense of complexity here, that goes well beyond the traditional citrus ejuice with menthol.  Be warned, however… This juice is primed and pumped and delivers a dragon punch throat hit with flavor that is sure to send a massive energy blast in your lungs.
Even though this has a sonic boom throat hit, it won’t leave your throat dry and over-acidic… It’s still Fuzion-esque with a smoothness and complexity you won’t find anywhere else.

The juice  has an amazing throat hit and it is defiantly different. I recommend trying some.

You can see video of me vaping this juice at different voltages here.
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