Review: Blu Original Starter Kit

Hello Everyone this is SadLittlePony here to review the Blu Origional Starter Kit. Take this review with the knowledge that this is my opinion on the product and that it does not necessarily reflect the overall quality of this product. Any views expressed are entirely my own and take full responsibility for what I say.

The Blu Original Starter Kit: Leading the Electronic Cigarette Revolution
Blu Original, the first and only electronic cigarette with the one-of-a-kind blu pack that started the ecig revolution.Unique for its internal charge port – which conveniently charges your e-cigarette batteries when you're on the go - the blu pack will replenish your batteries up to six times before requiring a full recharge. The blu Original pack is both lightweight and durable. With enough interior space for up to five spare electronic cigarette flavor cartridges, blu Original is the perfect companion for the smoker on the go.

Original Blu Starter Kit:
1 E-cigarette pack holds 5 cartridges - charging your batteries on the go!
2 Electronic cigarette batteries
1 Wall charger and 1 USB charger
1 Full Flavored strength Variety Pack containing
- 2 Classic Tobacco cartridges,
- 1 Cherry Crush cartridge,
- 1 Magnificent Menthol cartridge and
- 1 Java Jolt cartridge
30 Day money-back guarantee
One year warranty


Little over a week ago I purchased a Blu Disposable E-Cig to try it out. I seen on TV years back before I was a smoker some commercials and news reports on the Blu and the new Electronic Cigarette Revolution. The thought of smoking something and getting the benefits but none of the drawbacks excited me. The disposable lasted me all but Four Hours. I knew it was just the life of the battery and did not reflect the cartomizer.

The next day I picked up the starter kit from Wallgreens and it was packaged nicely like I just bought an iPod or a nice watch of some kind. This excited me a bit. I knew I was in good hands of a master crafter. At the top of the review there is a list of all the contents which were all packaged nice and tight.

I charged the portable pack with one battery inside and I charged the second battery with the provided USB charger. This process tool a little over 2 hours to get good and charged. I left it for another hour to ensure the full capacity is being used. I started off with the coffee cartomizer. The coffee tasted amazing. It tasted like pecan pie. The vapor wasn't that impressive but I have my work arounds for that.

The battery life while vaping lasts about 3-4 hours of continual vaping. Not too bad but still annoying when you vape as much as I do. Fortunately there are two. While I am at home I leave my spare plugged into the wall and swap between the two. Each cartomizer lasts between 3-5 battery swaps depending on the flavor. Straight Tobacco and Menthol last the longest and the stronger the treat flavors the shorter they last. Compared to an analogue cigarette the vapor production is significantly more until the battery starts to run down or the cartomizer starts to run dry.

Now even though I happened to get a bad batch of tobacco my first time I will still talk about them. The first cartos I got tasted like burnt plastic. I contacted customer support and they were happy to replace them for me. Supposedly what happened is I received a few cartomizers filled with bad E-Liquid. Now the new tobacco ones taste like a good cigarette with a hint of maple nut in it. Very light flavor, thick vapor and a light throat hit. The cherry flavor wasn't impressive. It tasted like cherry almond coke to me. Lastly the menthol was good until I burnt out the carto sucking on it too hard. It had a taste of peppermint to it. 

Blu does have a few flaws that I should mention. The indicator light on the pack is so bright I can use it as a flash light. Not good for charging both your batteries in the middle of the night. Blu is also known for its lack of decent vaping experience. I have a short guide to improving your overall experience found here. This short guide will only leave you wanting more and you will probably progress to getting a better Personal Vaporizer. 

Overall I can tell that Blu took time in constructing their product. Its solid and vapes extraordinarily well for its size. The portable charge pack is a little on the heavy side with everything in it but fits perfectly in your pocket. It is roughly the size and shape of a pack of Pall Mall 100's. The charger pack can charge a battery about 5 times before it dies. The price of this Blu is well worth it for what you get. Especially if your looking to have something you can carry around all day and smoke anywhere discretely. The whole unit itself is nice and elegant.

If you are looking to use the Blu to kick the habit of lighting up you may want to keep looking unless you are only a light smoker. The nicotine content is too light to save a chain smoker such as my self but you can reload the cartomizers with E-Liquid with a higher saturation of nicotine. This concludes my review, Have a wonderful day.