Review: Fuma E-Cig Starter Kit

Hello everyone this is SadLittlePony with another Review! I will be reviewing the Fuma Brand Starter Kit. The following contents of this review are the individual opinion of myself. Take this review with a grain of salt and use it to determine your position on the product. This is the first E-Cigarette that I bought and I rather enjoyed this one a lot.

Fuma International is the manufacturer of the elite Fuma electronic cigarette that incorporates our exclusive patented technology. With manufacturing capabilities within the United States and overseas, Fuma delivers superior taste, best price and the highest quality products for your vapor pleasure. Fuma offers you the flavor and nicotine you crave without the tar, carbon monoxide, ashes or odors of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Where permissible, your Fuma can be enjoyed in areas where traditional cigarettes may be banned, such as, bars, rental cars, hotels and even your own home.

Fuma sets itself apart with its design, flavor, excellent customer service and limited lifetime warranty on your battery – all to ensure your long term vaping experience.

Carton Contents:
1 Fuma E-Cigarette Automatic Battery
1 Fuma Brand Red Tobacco Flavor Cartomizer
1 USB Charger
1 USB - Wall Charger Adapter
1 Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Fuma E-Cigarette comes packaged in a box that emulates a box of cigarettes. The box is much larger and not ideal at all to carry in your pocket. Everything is tightly packed inside with layered blocks of foam with cut holes so everything can fit securely inside. You can see the contents of the starter kit in the above list.

When I brought this E-Cig home and opened it up I immediately discarded all the packaging and plugged it in to charge. The USB charger has a light indicator to let you know when its fully charged. When handling this E-Cig for the first time I noticed a few things right off the bat. It is significantly larger than a normal cigarette. Imagine a Camel Wide 100 for size comparison. The battery has a very solid construction and designed to look and feel like a real cigarette paper. The thread is larger than a 510 and I am unsure what it was.

Batteries take approximately 3 hours for a full charge and easily last five hours of constant vaping. Its size was very comfortable and I never felt like I was going to break it. Very solid in design. It comes as an automatic and has a high voltage output. Every cartomizer I put on it hissed and crackled quite loud with each puff and slowly simmered to a stop, the led lighted tip dimmed at the same speed.

The cartomizers are all well built. I have yet to find a flaw in a cartomizer causing me to enjoy vaping less. They come pre-filled with various tobacco blends and menthol. They come packaged with a condom on each side and are color coded by what blend you have. The cartomizers with continued use last me 2-3 days easily. I personally preferred the Desert Blend.

I tried three different flavors of their pre-filled cartomizers. Red Tobacco, Desert Blend, and Menthol. The red tobacco tasted almost spot on to a Marlboro Red. Desert Blend had a nice spicy zesty taste that reminds me of krateks in a way. The menthol was nice and chilly and made drinking ice water very nice. Packaged in the box on a blister card like cold medicine comes packaged. 

All of the flavors with this battery produced a nice thick ploom of vapor. The throat hit was very strong and felt amazing. Nicotine was very high in the juice giving me a cute little head buzz after a few heavy drags. The cartomizers had a metal construction and got very hot without ruining the experience giving you even thicker hotter vapor. The battery does not have a safety cut off to prevent the unit from burning. I have not once experienced a burnt taste using this battery.

In the end the death of this unit was a laundry accident where I washed it. It actually worked after I pulled it out of the drier and it didnt register in my mind that the awful taste was because the cartomizer was filled with soap water. I was just angry and wasn't thinking straight and threw it away. To add insult to injury the company provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Overall I was very happy with this E-Cig, I wish I had it still and I would definitely buy another. Thanks for reading.