DeKang Menthol by Top Vapor from MadVapes

I am not sure if this juice is us made or China made. It has DeKang in its title but Top Vapor juice is  US made. Here are pics of the bottle.

It is 16mg and has PG and VG. I am not sure on the ratio. I vaped the whole bottle. Not sure exactly on the taste. It is a favorite of a guy in ecf chat and he can't describe it perfectly too. I am going to try. It is the best De Kang juice I ever tasted. A lot of their juice has some strange chemical taste in it. Maybe the menthol covers up the base. De Kang Health Pear is my second favorite De Kang juice I have tried. The strange chemical taste is not detectable in this too.
So the menthol is really light. On a scale of 1-10 I will give it a 2. It also has a crisp dry taste and a hint of something that reminds me of a first drag of a ultra light 100. It is very fait. The vapor on this juice is amazing even at 3.7v. At 3.7v it preforms great and is slightly sweet. The sweetness goes away at 6 v. At 7.4 the light tobacco hint fuses amazingly and this juice creates great vapor.  This juice is cheap even at MadVapes it is. I was recommend another site that had it for cheaper. I ordered last week. Will update this thread when I get it. I recommend this juice for people that like light mentol. I usually like really strong mentol but the crisp flavor is a nice palet cleanser for me. It is dry but unlike it way way more expensive Intell cig cusin it is not a harsh dry like the ECOpure Menthol