Parks Vaping Malted Toffee

Sorry I have been under the weather and playing D3 to blog recently. I am feeling a bit better and waiting for Blizzard to fix the end of D3 :P.  I am just going to review this juice on one voltage. To see my favorites which I did at multiple voltages click here.

One of my favorite juices has been BWB Malty Toffee. Although the flavor is very vague it is crisp and tasty. They added extra flavor on this. It is still a bit vague. Would like to try it with more flavor. But I think it is better than Malty Toffee.
I got this from Park Vaping which has the funny Ash Juice which I think needs to steep alot more :P I think the Malted Toffee was able to steep faster but when I go through the voltages with it I will notice any changes.
The juice has a nice throat hit. The crisp flavor of it is a bit stronger than BWB.  But the flavor is nice if not better than BWB. It taste like crispy toffee right out of the oven that I remember. With out the stuff that gets stuck on your teeth with an interesting crispy malt.
It is crisp toffee goodness. It is not too sweet. It is also 1/2 the price of BWB. I It is worth trying IMHO. I recommend it. The ordering system is strange at Parkes Vaping. It took a couple of days to ship. They added more flavor like I requested but I am missing a bottle I ordered. It is only 3 bucks and I have been out of it so I might have put it someplace strange. Anyways I think this juice is worth their strange ordering system.