Peach Perfect Virgin Vapor

50 PG 50 VG From ECOPure 16mg 
Never thought about vaping peach. If you enjoy the taste of canned Peaches then you would really like this one. If not there Virgin Vapors makes up a large portion of my favorite juices list and I think you might enjoy those more. It is different but not as different as their fig.

At 3.7V the juice taste like sweet canned peaches. The juice has amazing vapor here.
At 6V the juice is a bit less sweet still amazing vapor. 
At 7.4 V the juice still taste like amazing canned peaches. It put out amazing vapor which I had to make a video of.
The taste is not my thing. I much prefer Virgin Vapors Pomegranate. I loaded this juice because I was going to be around my Dad, Uncle, Grandma and cousins for Fathers Day. They all like the smell. I still have it loaded in my Reo the next day so it is that good. But unless you really like canned peaches I can not recommend this juice, but if you do this juice is for you. You can get this juice and other Virgin Vapor Juices here.